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Being a member of the Pittsburgh REIA has definitely made an impact on my real estate business


Being a member of the Pittsburgh REIA has definitely made an impact on my real estate business.  The relationships alone that I have created and built has been priceless.  Just being able to shoot a quick question via text or email to Josh or another member has been a huge help when you are unsure about something.  I have established some great relationships with other Real estate investors and it gives us a chance to talk to others who have your same interests.  I have also done a few deals within the Pittsburgh REIA circle. A REIA member gave me a lead that he didn’t want to work and with the assistance of Josh we constructed an Acts Deal.  I have purchase rentals with owner financing through other members. And I have met a private lender through being a Pittsburgh REIA that funded a property for me. I actually made Josh a few dollars too in a deal.   From attending the seminars and listening to the speakers, I have learned how to do evictions, did a short sale, and some wholesaling.  Being a member had made my quest in Real Estate much easier and it is shortening my learning curve.  Although, I still have a long way to reach my goal, Pittsburgh REIA is helping me reach it.  Thanks alot!!!


Teresa Brown (Scott Township (Pittsburgh),PA)



P.S. You’re better, smarter and know more than you give yourself credit for.  Remember, if God gave you the dream, he also gave you the ability, resources, and knowledge to achieve that dream.


Take a leap of faith, it’s worth it:)


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