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Buying a house to rehab

A new idea has recently surfaced in the Pittsburgh real estate market.  The idea that you can buy a house for yourself, not an investment house, or a house to flip in the Pittsburgh area, but a single family house for your own family.  Actually that part is not new, what is new is that people are buying ugly houses with the intent to hire a professional remodeling company to come in and do a full rehab on that house for them.

Leading the pack in what looks to be a new industry is Pittsburgh’s own Noble Rehabbers.  This veteran owned company is headquartered in the Brighton Heights section of Pittsburgh’s North Side.

Noble Rehabbers started off as a collaboration between local real estate investor Josh Caldwell and long time general contractor Scott Berkich.  The pair formed a joint venture to flip a couple of houses in Pittsburgh’s North Hills neighborhoods.  This partnership eventually blossomed into a company that specializes in kitchen refacing, kitchen refinishing, and bathroom refacing.  The company more commonly known as “Noble” then began to field requests from ordinary home buyers who were looking for something that didn’t exist in the Pittsburgh market.  The buyers wanted custom houses in existing residential neighborhoods.

To quote Josh Caldwell of Noble Rehabbers “it all started by accident, we were just working on a house in Hampton School District, when a potential buyer approached us.  The buyer wanted very specific house.  None of the houses that we were rehabbing fit the bill, and neither did anything on the MLS.  They had already tried finding a house with the help of a Howard Hanna agent, and a Berkshire Hathaway agent.  The problem was that the house they wanted didn’t exist. So we hatched a plan, we sent them out to find a house in an area that they liked, with a house that was the right basic size but didn’t have the features or the look that they wanted.  In this day and age, buyers are picky, and they should be. You work your entire life to get your dream house, you don’t want to end up with a house that is ok, you want a house that is exactly what you want.  Noble can make that happen.  We just send people out to find a lot or a neighborhood that they want to live in and then we modify the house to suite them 100%.”  The idea behind this new business is so simple that it seems like it should have always been done that way.

Finding raw material houses to work with is the easy part. The crew at Noble Rehabbers has the entire skill set in house to be able to complete any level of modification including additions.  Noble uses an architectural design program that allows home buyers to see their future dream home before the demolition state even begins.  The hard part of this business is letting people know that the service exists.  The public and the vast majority of professional real estate agents are conditioned to believe that they have to choose from existing housing inventory.  This is not true.  With Noble Rehabbers, the public can choose to buy a house as a raw material.  Then with that ugly house they can craft their dream house around the skeleton of that donor house.  The renovation can be just a single room or it can be a tear down to the wall studs and modernize, customize type of rehab.  With Noble all things are possible.

Check them out at this URL   http://NobleRehabbers.com

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