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Lessons from a historic house (rehab)

Lessons from rehabbing a historic property

I don’t know that I can share a lot of lessons from this project because we have an offer on the property two weeks into a total rehab.  Seriously, we weren’t even done with demolition before someone wanted to buy the house.

I guess there are two lessons that I can draw from this project.  The first is to choose your rehab projects very carefully.  I know of a rehab company in town who frequently ignores this rule. I know that they are baffled when their houses don’t sell for a year or more.  I’m still amazed that these idiots rehabbed a house in North Allegheny School District, added an entire floor and didn’t think to add a bathroom.  So now they have a 4 bed house with only 2 bathrooms and they want top dollar?  Before I get too far down that rabbit hole, let me tell you about this project and why my rehab went better than planned.  Selling the house before you even start to put it back together is better than planned in my world.

This house was in Allison Park, in the Hampton School District.  It was a historic old farm house approximately 100 years old.   The house had great bones, an excellent lot, and most importantly it was in a desirable area.

The second and perhaps more important thing is that we started marketing the house for sale the very same day that we bought it.  It is never too early to start marketing.

Lastly, we painted the picture for our buyer.  We put together marketing materials that explained the vision of this house as an updated modern work of art.  This was not an ordinary house but a unique creation, which only my company Noble Rehabbers could bring to life.  We created the market; there is no comparable property to any of our creations.  That is part of our brand, and our brand sells to people with discerning tastes.

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