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The Pittsburgh Real Estate Market

The Pittsburgh real estate market is a truly unique market.   Forbes Magazine recently named the Pittsburgh real estate market as the #1 real estate market in the country.  The rationale behind the Forbes article is that Pittsburgh is not a flashy market.  We do not have the bubble and collapse cycles that most other American cities have. Pittsburgh is a great city for slow steady appreciation, and a fantastic real estate market for cash flow investing.  A buy and hold strategy is ideal for the Pittsburgh Metro area.

That is not to suggest that other strategies don’t work in Pittsburgh.  My own rehab and flip company Noble Rehabbers (Http://NobleRehabbers.com) is quite successful doing high end flips in this market.  The Pittsburgh market is great for almost any strategy with the excepting of real estate speculation.  Speculators will be greatly disappointed by our pedestrian growth.  At the same time anyone who has a self-directed IRA and is looking for a safe alternative to the stock market should really take a hard look at Pittsburgh.  The number of bandit signs around town that say something like “We buy Pittsburgh Houses” or “We Buy Houses Cash” is a strong indicator that real estate agents aren’t the top of the real estate food chain in Pittsburgh.   Real estate investors are buying and selling hundreds of properties every month.

For more info on the Pittsburgh real estate market, or to sell a house in Pittsburgh to a real estate investor, simply email me directly at PittsburghREIA@aol.com.

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