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  • Upcoming Events
    Let me start off by wishing you all Happy Valentines Day. There will not be a creative finance meeting this Sunday. This Tuesday the 16th at 7 PM I am going to teach an online class about how to buy houses with no money by taking over the mortgage of someone who is about to … Read more
  • Another scam report – Be careful
    Josh, I have had a similar suspect situation with a rental contract.  An individual, claiming to be from the Philippines, sent a certified check drawn on a Texas bank, in an amount well over what I was asking to cover first month & security.  He asked that I cash the check and return the overage … Read more
  • Oak Floating Flooring available
    Good afternoon Josh- I am helping a friend sell his flooring. He has 1000 Sq Ft of Oak floating flooring and will be taking it up in the next 2-3 week and would like to sell for $1.50 sq ft or best offer. He is located in the Robinson area. This would be great for … Read more
  • 7 Ways to Flip Houses With No Money
    7 Ways to Flip Houses With No Money by Mike LaCava Newbie real estate investors often ask how to flip houses with no money. And to them, it might feel like a stupid question: There’s no way you can get started flipping houses without at least a little money of your own… right? True—to a … Read more
  • Potential Scam Warning
    This came in from a REIA member. Hey Josh, So below is the outline of the events; hopefully some other real estate investors can learn some of the lessons from this that will help them in the future.  I will keep the name of the buyer and the closing company out of this (there's still … Read more

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