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  • Back by popular demand – note investing
    I know a LOT of you are excited about notes and learning how to buy discounted mortgages as a passive investment strategy.  So I talked to the folks at Note School and they will do another seminar for us. I explained to them, that we had a bunch of people who couldn't view our last … Read more
  • A Thought on Wealth
    I had an interesting conversation this week on the subject of wealth. What makes real wealth and what does it look like? I noticed a long time ago that you can't judge the wealth of someone just by looking at them.  Some of the wealthiest people I have ever met, dress like they are borderline … Read more
  • Recording of the Larry Harbolt creative finance seminar
    This is for those of you who missed this fantastic webinar.  Larry did a lot of teaching, and he shared a lot of information.   The entire thing is over 5 hours of pure education. You would normally have to spend a lot of money to get this, but Larry is a friend of mine.  You … Read more
  • Topics you would like to learn about from a Real Estate Attorney?
    I am in contact with several real estate lawyers who want to come on and teach you. The problem is that nobody knows what you want to learn.  So if there is a subject that you think a lawyer could teach, please reach out to me. PittsburghREIA@aol.com
  • Off Market Rehab Property – Stanton Heights
    Buyer backed out due to COVID-19 related financial issues. Address is 6640 Marietta St. Pittsburgh, PA 15206. Asking price is $29,999 – recently lowered from $40k in April '20. Comps are close to $200,000. It’s up on a hill and has a great view of the Allegheny river. It needs a full gut rehab. I … Read more

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