Don’t get mad; get creative. Don’t get frustrated; get resourceful.

Don’t get mad; get creative. Don’t get frustrated; get resourceful. 

(Nowhere is this more apparent than in real estate investing)

There is a workable way past whatever is threatening to make you angry. There is opportunity in those situations that pull you toward frustration.

Life is a creative experience, and the universe is an abundant place. Combine those realities together and what you get is value.

Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, feel the energy of your own capability. When the breaks don’t go your way, remind yourself that there’s much you can do to set things straight.

Whatever challenges you, can also motivate you. Whatever pushes against you, can make you stronger and more determined.

Be the creative, resourceful, positive and effective person you know you can be. And know the confidence of seeing yourself move forward no matter what.


— Ralph Marston    Wishing All a safe, warm and blessed day

(November 2014 Newsletter)

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