A Learning opportunity for everyone

A Learning opportunity for everyone.  

As you know by now, I am all about education.  In real estate there is no such thing as too much education.  My true passion is teaching people how to make money and real estate is my vehicle.  That being said, I try to send out a good deal of education during the month to supplement our monthly meetings.

A perfect situation would be an online forum where we can ask and answer any question about real estate investing.  We are still trying to figure out how to do that with the PittsburghREIA website.  Until then, you can ask just about anything by following the link below to bigger pockets and following me there. Just click the link, its FREE, you won’t get a better price than that.


You can follow me directly by searching for my name Josh Caldwell, and then clicking the follow button  This will get you everything that I post.  So far I have posted about 300 mini-articles in the past two months.

Yep, I really have no life outside of real estate.


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