A new benifit for Pittsburgh REIA members

A new benifit for Pittsburgh REIA members


As many of you know,me and my team are always working to find new ways to either save money for Pittsburgh area real estate investors, or new ways to make money for real estate investors.

This new creation of mine will help make you money at the same time that is saves you money on marketing.

Surprise, surprise, I built another web site.  To be honest Stephanie built another web site.

This website is designed to be a high traffic site for selling or renting houses and other forms of real estate.   I have already built the framework, and I am actively driving buyers and renters to the site already.

So now I can post properties for you.  Well my assistant can, you really dont want me to do this.

This will save you the time, effort, and expense of building your own website to sell or rent property.  Now let me get into the disclaimer.  If you want to buy houses and find motivated sellers then this site is of no value to you, If you want to sell or rent, then we can help.

The website is http://HomesPittsburghPa.com

$20 per property

$50 for full marketing package.

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