Pittsburgh REIA welcomes Hadad Services as its newest member.

“WE CLEAN!” That’s been the simple brand message of Hadad Services for the past 27 years. This local service provider, owned and operated by Karen and Craig Edwards, has seen it all, from dirty carpets to challenging hoarder situations. And in the process, they are recognized as one of Angie’s List’s Super Service Providers.

To date, the brand of Hadad Services has been to provide quality all-floor care, general cleaning services, hoarder evacuation, and related restoration repairs. Starting in February 2014, a new brand offering will be available through Hadad’s to commercial and residential customers in the greater Pittsburgh and surrounding communities. Anti-microbial disinfection and long term protection.

With the announcement that Hadad Services are now authorized applicators of Bacti-Barrier, one must ask if this changes their brand message. The beauty of this new service addition is it’s a complement to their existing list of services.

“Nothing really changes.” says Craig Edwards, Hadad Director of Operations. “We are still a highly recommended cleaning company. Only now, we can better address the evolving needs of the marketplace with a more robust service offering.”

One might question the need for Bacti-Barrier disinfecting and protection when one disinfectant seems to be the same as the next. They might say that they already have a cleaning service. So what is the difference between Hadad’s Bacti-Barrier process and the cleaning and disinfecting services done by their current vendor or staff?

Assuming the thoroughness of a cleaning staff themselves is not an issue, the question should be, “what kind of affectivity are my current services providing?”

Most disinfectants today do an adequate job in killing unwanted bacteria and germs. But their efficacy has limitations. Think of a disinfectant as a bomb. Ground zero offers maximum effectiveness. But as the range of the bomb expands outward, it’s microbial killing efficacy begins to diminish. This is called the “halo effect”. Microbes on the outside of that halo can survive the kill, and can mutate into resistant strains known as SUPER BUGS. So in essence, most antimicrobials actually make the germ problems worse.

Hadad uses a 2- step (Bacti-Barrier) process that provides an initial kill. But goes further to create a long term antimicrobial protective barrier that permanently bonds to every disinfected surface it touches. It is important to note that the electrostatic application of Bacti-Barrier protection covers and bonds to entire surface areas. It essentially goes anywhere smoke can go. This provides 360 degrees of coverage.

The process demonstrates what amounts to a magnetic draw of microbes to the treated surfaces; at which time the microbes are killed on contact. This bonded treatment guarantees a “NO FLY; NO LAND” microbial kill zone long after the initial disinfecting. 99.9% of unwanted bacteria including MRSA will die on contact. And it will also provide that barrier of protection for a long time.

How long? The Bacti-Barrier product is not a one-time application that never needs to be re-applied. With abrasive contact, the protection will eventually become less effective in time. Because different surfaces are subjected to differing abrasives, Hadad’s will provide FREE testing to ascertain the frequency needed for future applications. The important take-away here is the extended protection that Bacti-Barrier does provides beyond the initial disinfection cleaning.

Our society today is focused on health. Getting healthy and staying healthy is the mantra. With education, the “health battle” against germs is winnable. Hadad’s believes that with the addition of Bacti-Barrier to their arsenal, combined with years of expertise in conventional cleaning and award winning service, they are positioned well as the “GO TO” cleaning company for the Pittsburgh area in 2014 and beyond.

NOTE: WPREIA will receive special pricing for any service we offer. It is our hope that every member of WPREIA will try us out. So we encourage all of you to call for free estimates. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with our new friends at WPREIA.

(March 2014 Newsletter)

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