Another scam report – Be careful


I have had a similar suspect situation with a rental contract.  An individual, claiming to be from the Philippines, sent a certified check drawn on a Texas bank, in an amount well over what I was asking to cover first month & security.  He asked that I cash the check and return the overage to a differing address so that his daughter could purchase an airplane ticket to fly from the Philippines to the U.S. and live in said apartment.  I took the check to my bank.  The manager said that it looked legit.  Knowing better, I simply held on to it.  Lo and behold, (possibly because of my inaction), a week later, another check arrived with an even greater amount, followed by an email requesting a repeat of the prior scenario, (with instruction to simply keep the first check, because of my trouble!).   My response was that the apartment was already rented and that if he wanted his checks returned he should contact the local community Police Department and pick them up there.   I did not deposit or keep the checks.  I gave them to my local bank’s fraud department.  I have not heard from anyone regarding this matter, which occurred in August 2017. 

Andy Kosmach, Manager
Nehemiah Homes LLC

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