Basic Pistol Shooting Class with John Brown

Self-defense with John Brown of 3 Rivers Tactical Training Solutions.


I was quite pleasantly surprised to spend my weekend with 34 other Pittsburgh area real estate investors and their family members.   The pleasant surprise was that all of these individuals were with me at John Brown’s pistol self-defense course.  When I first talked to John about doing this class for a bunch of real estate investors, I wasn’t sure if anyone would be interested in this class.  The subject matter was so far from the normal real estate investing course.

John spent most of day 1 doing something that most pistol courses outside the world of law enforcement ignore.  John focused on avoiding situations where you might need to fight for your life, and improving your situational awareness.   According to John “the best gun fight is the one you don’t get into” .
Day 2 was spent at the shooting range with real bullets and real targets.  This is where the theory meets application.
I am a graduate of 3 police academies, and I have trained with hundreds of military and law enforcement shooters.  I have had literally hundreds of hours of professional firearms training, and I can tell you that John’s into to pistol class was by far the best intoductory class that I have ever seen.  We may have to offer this class again.  On a side note, I am still working on a hand to hand self defense class for those of you who dont want to own a gun.

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