Big Announcement from the Rehabbing & Wholesaling sub group for this Saturday

This Saturday (5/2) please join us at 10AM. We have a very special guest lined up. Joining us will be Chuck Biter and his wife Gina. Chuck and Gina are investors from Tennessee. Chuck is also a general contractor.

Why are they joining us you may ask…. well they both also work very closely with Robyn Thompson. Most of you have heard or seen Robyn speak at our meetings over the years. Chuck and Gina are very involved with Robyn’s speaking, training, and mentoring classes that many have paid thousands of dollars to hear. They are currently working on flip #101 of their career (not to mention all the houses Chuck has renovated and built for his GC company clients).

Chuck and Gina will discuss some strategies that they see as profitable once we come out of the state closures. Chuck has been a member of this group for a few years now since I met him at Robyn’s trainings and he was so kind to reach out to me today and see if he could help our group during this interesting time in our history.

Please join this meeting. I can have up to 100 people on the meeting I believe. If more than 100 people want to listen the rest will have to listen to the recording.

Here is the link. I suggest you join on a few minute before 10AM.

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