CA proposal – covid rent due 2034

I don’t even know how to classify this first story.  It is super weird.  It is also terrible if you live in California (the state).  I can also say it is fantastic because I don’t live in CA and I don’t own anything in that cursed state.  ———-

This is from the CA state legislature –  A new proposal is now taking shape int he state senate by senate majority leader, Bob Hertzberg.  They are calling it a “10-year plan” but it is really a 14-year plan that would allow housing consumers affected by the virus to take up to 2034 to pay all back rent owed.  Guess Hertzberg wants to make sure that the tenant is either dead or gone and out of town when it comes time to actually collect any past due rent!

So pretty much any tenant who claims they had trouble during covid wont even have to think about paying back rent until 2034.  Good luck CA landlords.  Thank God I invest in PA. 

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