Charity food drive for April

Charity food drive for April

Once again we are going to conduct a charity food drive in conjunction with the April REIA meeting.  The economy is still terrible, there are a ton of people out there who don’t have jobs.  In short, a lot of our fellow Americans are hurting and the food pantries can’t keep up with the demand.

We are very lucky to have Pittsburgh REIA member Andy Kosmach, running our charity drives.  Because of Andy and his charitable involvement, all we need to do is show up and bring non-perishable food items.  Think can goods.

Most of real estate investing revolves around giving other people what they want.   We give tenants housing, and we give deals to buyers.  In this instance we are giving without expecting anything in return and that just feels good.   Who doesn’t like feeling good?

Andy will be set up at a table near the vendor’s room.  See him as you walk in.


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