Crypto Currency for Real Estate Investors

For those of you who wanted more info on George DiLeo’s presentation on how he is using crypto-currency to fund real estate deals, or for those of you who just want to sign up for his crypto currency platform. Here is the info that you need. For those of you who missed George’s presentation. George is a retired pharmacist who seems to have found a new way to finance real estate deals. I am working on turning these two into a new crypto sub group. Wish me luck.

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The first video is excellent and only 1min & 39 secs long.

The second video is a 6 mins long video on our program

Informational Video’s on HyperFund

Ultimate Business Model (1:39)

Hyper Fund & HyperDrive Rewards Program Explainer Video (6:38)

Hyperfund, Hyper Capital, H Cash, Collinstar Best Short Presentation (12:41)(

Complete Overview of Company:

Also, I am including a very important shorter Presentation that thoroughly covers the HF program, A HyperFund Global Presentation, below

A HyperFund Global Presentation (35:53)

Also, the new updated attached Due Diligence Report that is 21 pages long, and is a concise and comprehensive evaluation of the program and founders

Due Diligence (updated May 2021):
(See above attachment- HyperTech Due Diligence Part 2)

Additional video on Blockchain

Blockchain Takes Manhattan (4:15)

ANY QUESTIONS or for Additional due diligence info, Please reach out to George below.

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Contact George —-++++++++++ Or Glenn

George A. DiLeo, PD, CNHP

Cell – 724-554-2268

Glenn Kirk – 412-608-4219

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