This ALERT can save you thousands of dollars in needless repairs to your investment property.

The temperature has dipped below freezing across the country. Water pipes will burst in these conditions if the thermostat in your vacant properties is set too low or turned off. Not all policy forms cover water damage, which can be very expensive. DON’T RISK A BIG EXPENSE.

There are several things you can do to prevent water pipes from freezing:

1. TURN OFF THE WATER in vacant properties.

2. Apply heat tape around exposed pipes.

3. Open the cupboard doors and allow for warm air to circulate.

4. Insulate your water pipes.

5. Turn on both hot and cold water faucets and let the water run on a low trickle.

6. Keep the thermostat in your property to at least 55 degrees.


(January 2014 Newsletter)

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