Eliminate Taxes from Your Real Estate Deals

Eliminate Taxes from Your Real Estate Deals

By Equity Trust

Discover the Little-known, but powerful financial tool that could eliminate taxes from your real estate deals, while boosting your financial future
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Tired of having to pay taxes on the profits after a successful real estate investment? It’s possible to eliminate taxes from your real estate investments using a powerful financial tool – the self-directed IRA.

It’s true. Are you completing successful real estate investments today, but having to pay 20% – 30% (or more) on the profits? If you were to do that same deal inside a self-directed IRA, the taxes would be deferred or even never due depending on the account.

Successful investors have been using the self-directed IRA as part of their real estate investing strategy for more than 30 years, but currently only 2% of Americans are using it. You can join them.

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– How to qualify for significant tax deductions

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(March 2014 Newsletter)

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