Flipping a Foreclosed House Part 4: Exterior

Flipping a Foreclosed House Part 4: Exterior

Would you consider the appearance of the outside of a home or the inside of a home to be more important when it comes to real estate? Many people would answer “both”, which can be true in many ways. However, you should really consider the bigger question – which one gives you the very first impression? No matter what kind of décor or color scheme is found inside, curb appeal can mean everything. After all, it’s what catches the eye first. If you are considering flipping a foreclosed home, or even just looking to update your own property, here are some of the top tips to make the exterior of your property look stunning. Combine them with the rest of the tips in the series and you’ll turn a profit in no time!

Clean Out the Gutters

Roll up those sleeves and get the gritty work out of the way first. Whether you prefer cleaning the gutters on a ladder or on top of the roof, place a tarp on the ground near you to throw the excess garbage on. This will turn out to be very useful and won’t require extra cleanup in the end. For the gutters that truly look undermanaged, you can use a little hand-held scooper to help get all the gunk out of there. When you’re all done, grab a hose and spray down the gutters to get rid of any extra mud or debris that might be leftover. This also helps to find any leaks in your gutters as well.


When getting ready to clean the gutters, dress appropriately. It’s recommended to wear a long sleeve shirt and pants for this part, and some disposable gloves if you have some.

Wash the Windows

Nothing makes a home stand out more than beautiful, sparkly, squeaky clean windows. Something so simple can often be overlooked, but do not make that mistake. Bright, clean windows can be like the cherry on top of a fully loaded ice cream sundae, pulling everything together.


Instead of using Windex and wasting all those paper towels, consider a more environmentally friendly approach. Simply grab a medium bucket filled with warm water and add a dash of soap detergent. Wet a rag with the solution and wipe the window from top to bottom. Then, take a squeegee to get rid of the soapy water, shake off the water after every swipe, and use a dry rag to clean up any spots you may have missed. It’s also important to work one window at a time so you do not end up with any dried soap water on your windows as you work.

Power Washing

Easily the most fun part out of all exterior updating is power washing. This is the time where you can watch with pure satisfaction as you rinse off all the dirt and mud that has accumulated on the walls over the years. It’s recommended that one wear a long sleeve shirt, protective eyewear, and boots. Once you get started, just work your way down from the top of each wall, and watch the dirt melt away before your eyes.


Of course, before doing any power washing at all, it’s important to know how to operate a pressure washer and be aware of the safety precautions to take. If the walls are made of brick, power washing should not be a problem. However, if the walls are made of siding and are also painted, make sure to wash them on a lower setting and test a small and unnoticeable part of the wall before you begin.

Yard Work

Good ole classic yard work. If the yard doesn’t look good, it will only bring the home down with it. Nothing is unsightlier than a yard riddled with unwanted weeds and tall grass. Read more about how to spruce up the yard in the Part 2 of the Flipping a Foreclosed House Series.



Well, there you have it. If you follow these brilliant maintenance steps, any home can look immensely nicer with just these few exterior updates. Once the gutters are all cleaned out, the windows are squeaky clean, the walls are dirt-free, and the landscape gets a little love, you can flip a home in no time. Just remember that even if you bite off more than you can chew with buying a foreclosed home, it can only get better from here. Once you roll up your sleeves and follow out list step by step, you will end up with the nicest home on the block guaranteed.


Good luck on your home flipping endeavors!

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