Getting started as a real estate investor.

Getting started as a real estate investor.


On of the biggest hurdles that real estate investors face is getting started.  There are so many hurdles that it is easy for a novice investor to get sidetracked and stall before they ever get moving.   The entire premise of the Pittsburgh Real Estate Investors Association or PittsburghREIA is to help investors make money, that includes people who have not done anything in real estate yet.

Making money in real estate is basically a culmination of two factors, education and effort.  At the beginning when you don’t have much education, you will need to put forth more effort.  The problem with this is that novice investors who don’t much tend to be afraid of taking action for fear of making mistakes.

I am not here to tell you that plowing forward blindly without any knowledge is a good idea, but you need to take small actions and progress towards actually making money.  What these actions are will depend upon your resources and your knowledge.

At the Pittsburgh Real Estate investors Association, we can help you in two directions.  Our monthly meetings provide a significant amount of education.  We supplement this education with our sub-groups and our relationships with the best known real estate educators in the business.   There is nothing that we can’t provide as far as education.

We can also help you with taking action but only to an extent.  At the club you will find a number of well qualified mentors who are willing to teach you almost anything that you want to learn.  You will get to know who these people are and what their qualifications are as real estate investors by networking at our various events around town.

In the end, it will be up to your own motivation and individual effort, but we can sure be there to help you along in your journey towards financial freedom.

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