Happy Independence Day

Hopefully this glorious day will be a good omen for your future financial freedom.
Today we celebrate the legacy of the brave men who founded America.  Those men who rose up against unjust tyrants who sought to oppress them.  The risked their lives to bring about a more perfect union. A union of free citizens who changed the paradigm between the government and the government forever.  The names that we remember in history and many more, declared that they would no longer be subject to the English crown. They rejected the idea that rights come from government. They replaced this failed idea with the new notion that we call American exceptionalism.  The rights of the people do not come from the government, the rights of the government are granted to it by the citizens. In other words, the government is supposed to work for the people. 

In the spirit of Independence Day, I have a couple of things that might just help you achieve your financial independence.  In the real estate world, financial independence is the goal.


First off, we now have access to 50 million dollars

Yes, that is exactly what I said. Pittsburgh REIA has access to 50 million in funding for flippers in Western PA.  So if you have a house flip deal that makes sense, the money is waiting for you.

Just email or text Josh

412 592 2146 = PittsburghREIA@aol.com


This coming Saturday (yes, the 10th of July at 10 AM EST, Lou Brown is going to be hosting an ALL DAY “Wealth Builder Workshop” for us, that is seriously going to blow you away!

I’ve seen some of the points that he’s going to cover, and even I was amazed that he’d go that deep on a training that is almost FREE!

It’s Only $1 to Attend… I’d Be Crazy to Pass This Up!

Lou Will Share Strategies like:

• What is the one thing most people do wrong in real estate?

• What is the biggest mistake seasoned investors make?

• What is a Trust and how does it benefit you?

• How important is it to have a plan for investing in RE?

And, much, much, more!

A lot has changed in the real estate industry because of the pandemic, and it has never been more important to use your knowledge and expertise wisely. 
That is exactly what Lou does – by making sure that you have every tool that you need for success in this business – he’s that passionate about it! 
So, I invite you to join in on this all-new exclusive workshop:

“The Wealth Builder Workshop”



Lastly, We are back live in person this month. 

I am going to be covering a LOT of topics at that meeting.

July 20 at 7PM  – mark it down, and plan to attend.

Greater Pittsburgh Masonic Center.

I will be covering the market and what I think is coming, more importantly a number of ways that you can profit from the coming chaos.

To your success

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