Hard Money Loans for Harrisburg PA

Hard Money Loans for Harrisburg PA are here thanks to the efforts of the Pittsburgh Real Estate Investors Association. This new program was created for members of the association, but there is so much funding that you don’t need to be associated with our club of anyone else for that matter. Anyone with a fix and flip project in Pennsylvania can get all of the renovation money that they need as long as the deal makes sense and it is located in Pennsylvania. It is that simple.

What you do need – a good fix and flip project. You need a project that fits a MAO formula. That is Price + Rehab = 70% of After Repaired Value or ARV. That formula is an industry standard ratio for safely completing a house rehab project. The 30% is both your profit margin (you want one of those) and what I call the “oopsie factor”. The is the unexpected expenses that magically appear when you start ripping into 100 year old walls and dealing with old outdated mechanical systems. There is always an “oopsie factor” somewhere.

What you don’t need – Experience, or a high credit score. The deal speaks for itself. As long as your deal works and the numbers are good, we have funding for your fix and flip project.

How do you apply for funding?

What are the terms?

Interest rates below 10% and no junk fees

Feel free to check out the company Https://EasyStreetCap.com They have an excellent reputation with more 5 star reviews than any lender in their industry.

Simple – email Josh@EasyStreetCap.com

I don’t want to lead you on. Your deal has to make sense. The numbers have to work. We will not finance your unrealistic crazy flip dream. We have a big plie of hard money, and like any private money lender on the planet, we actually want to get paid back. We will look your deal over, we will check your numbers (this is a good thing for new and inexperience real estate investors) we act as a mentor in many cases to help you put your deal together properly. The truth is that once we make a loan, we are in this together and we succeed or fail together. We really want you to succeed.

If you have a live deal that makes financial sense, in the Harrisburg, State College, Altoona, or pretty much anywhere in Central PA, we want to hear about it. It will cost you nothing to apply and you get to keep all the profits. What could be better than that?

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