Help for Renovation Projects

Shannon Staley and Sons were able to help serve several REIA members just this month.

As a quick reminder, Steve Daniele own Shannon Staley and Sons Construction, a 52 employee (not subcontractors) construction service provider to residential, commercial, and industrial clients.  Dave Caruso brought us back to REIA last year and since then we have been getting regular referrals.

We are a construction company that provides our two priority deliverables: labor reliability and speed.  Our new clients typically come to us under some stress with a problem to solve for two reasons:

Labor for a project is lagging in a certain phase(s)
A project’s completion date is dragging, causing a multitude of problems for the client

We are NOT a GC.  We are a niche construction company that has a high volume of craftsmen enabling us to solve a variety of construction problems for our clients, prioritized by solving reliability and speed issues the client is having.  We are in year 6 and we have not run into a comparable competitor in our markets.

Our client base includes residential builders, colleges, property management companies, GC’s, property owners, and others; I attached a quick one page PDF for you.  If a business is having a labor reliability problem then they are a candidate for us to solve a problem for them.

531 Georgetown Road
Lawrence, PA 15055
412-913-1986 (mobile)
724-302-0102 (office)

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