Homes For Sale

A couple of months ago, we had a really busy meeting, and there was going to be no time for REIA members to present properties for sale.  So I sent out a message that I would email out houses for sale to the entire membership.

I honestly had no idea how popular that idea would be.  Then after all of the feedback both positive and negative, I decided to look into making property for sale blasts a weekly if not daily occurance.  This will not replace your ability to sell your properties in the room but it will expand on it.

The problem with selling property in the room is this, people take crappy notes, and then they can’t remember who had the great deal on a single family house in Lawrenceville, so they call me, and I dont remember either.

If I blast houses out to the group via email, the info will be archived in your inbox until you are ready to read it.

Now the technical issue.   I belive that I have solved the tech problems.  I should be able to help you sell houses and even rent them in the Pittsburgh area.   I have built up a website for this exact purpose.  The website is and it is designed to send email blasts of houses out to a list.   Now here is where it gets tricky, due to anti-spam rules, I am not all that sure that I can add any of you to that list without you opting into the mailing list.

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