How to find Pittsburgh property buyers

How to find Pittsburgh property buyers


If you are trying to sell a house or even a commercial property in the Pittsburgh area, then I suggest you reach out to the people who buy more property in the Pittsburgh area than any individual.   The members of the Pittsburgh real estate investors association buy hundreds of houses every year, even when the market is terrible.

We are a club of hundreds of people who buy houses.  So if you have a property that you want to get rid of, for whatever reason, then I suggest that you reach out to us first.  Heck, you can reach out to us last, we really don’t care when you do it.

We buy houses, in any condition, in all parts of town, and in any price range.  We buy estates, we buy raw land, we buy fixer uppers, we buy overleveraged properties, and even abandoned property.  We have a variety of ways that we buy property.  We can take over your debt, wrap around your mortgage, lease option a property, or even pay cash if the deal is right.

Don’t lose your house to divorce, taxes, or a job transfer; sell your house to someone who really wants it.

So before you waste your time with phone calls from herds of people who aren’t going to buy your house, give us a chance.  Email the club directly at, or call the office at 412 761 7342.



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