How to sell your how without an agent

How to sell your how without an agent

The process of selling a house is fairly simple. You come up with a price, create a marketing package, and you cast your bait out into the internet. It is the small details of how to accomplish all of these simple steps that get people all twisted into a knot.

This is where people usually turn to a real estate agent. In the Pittsburgh area there are herds of real estate agents who perform this series of tasks for you. You will pay them 6% of the sale price for this privilege, but why? There is not a single task in the process of selling a house “for sale by owner” or FSBO, that you can’t do your self.

You need a real estate attorney to close the transaction, you can find one with a quick internet search. You need a professional photographer who has experience with real estate, again, the internet will provide you with many options. You might need a contractor to spruce the place up, or even a painter to make it pretty. In some cases you might need a landscaper to plant a few pretty flowers. This is not rocket science people.

I imagine that this process still sounds a bit daunting to some people. That is why the Pittsburgh Real Estate Investors Association just created a consulting program for people who wish to sell their house without an agent. We have sold hundreds of houses without an agent. We can explain the process to you. We can coach you through the steps that you need to take in order to get your house sold. It doesn’t matter if your house needs work. It doesn’t if you are behind on your mortgage. It doesn’t matter if you have little to no equity in your house, we can help you.

It get’s better. We will not charge you 6% of the sale price. We are consultants not agents. We are going to teach you how to sell your house, not sell it for you. Heck, we might even buy your house, who knows.

If you are ready to take action, all you have to do is to email us at and put “Help me sell my house” in the subject line, and we will set up a FREE initial consultation for you. If we can’t help, you wont owe us a penny!

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