Independence Day Membership Sale – One Weekend Only !!

Today is July 4th, American Independence Day, and one of my favorite holidays.  Independence Day has it all. Great History, food, beverages, fireworks, and friends.

     In honor of Independence Day, I want to make a special offer to all of you, who wish to be independent.

     This weekend only.  We are inviting expired members to renew and new members to join us at the special renewal price of only $89.00 for a whole year. To make things a bit juicer, you can add a second member for only $30, assuming that you have a partner who also wants to be independent. 

     Is this the year that you escape the tyranny of w-2 income?  Is this the year that you finally step forward and say I am going to be my own boss and live my own life without the oppressive bonds of a 9-5 job?  Are you ready to take action?   Are you ready to create a better life?  Are you seriously reading email on a holiday? 

If you answered yes, then you belong in the Pittsburgh REIA family.

Follow this link to an application.  Print the application out, and scan/email it back to me at   Then complete payment, and claim this special rate.  You can pay via Paypal to this email address, or over the phone to me directly at 412-592 2146.

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