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This came from Lee Phillips

Lee is a nationally known asset protection attorney


Several weeks ago the “IRS” left a message for me saying that the IRS was putting a lien on my property and issuing an arrest warrant because I owed back taxes that had never been resolved.  I was to immediately call and talk to an agent.  I noted that the phone code read Washington DC.


Fast forward three weeks.  The sheriff is outside now with the warrant, and I am going to jail.  NO NO NO.  It’s all a SCAM!


This is serious though.  In the last two days we have had three students call on this issue. Another lost $27,000 to the scam. Ben Rucker, the former special auditor for the IRS that works with us now, had a neighbor come running to his house panicked because the IRS was on the phone and he knew he owed them money.  He ran to get Ben to talk to them. The story of how his investigation played out is on my blog at


This is a multi-million dollar scam.  In real life, the IRS may call you and ask for some evidence (a receipt, 1099, or something else).  The IRS doesn’t arrest people – not yet anyway.  They will never ask you to send money over the phone to settle a case.  Almost all IRS communication is through the mail.


If there is a slim chance the call might be legit, tell the guy to send it to you in the mail, and you can respond.  The IRS has your address.  There is not any type of a sixty second deadline with the IRS, and they don’t need to sue you to get your money–they just file levies directly against your property.


I have never asked you to forward my emails before, but this scam is going around – big time, and these guys are very convincing.  They may have some of your personal information.  The numbers on your caller ID may show the IRS.  Don’t trust what you see on your phone or google online.  Don’t lose any money, and don’t let your family or friends fall for this either. Please let them know by sending this email on.


Lee Phillips
P.S. You can also get the word out by sharing the link to this story on my blog at Please help us get this warning out.

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