January Meeting – master the powerful tool of buying with other people’s money

This week is all about learning to buy with other people’s money.  If you master this powerful tool, you will never have to walk away from a profitable deal again. 

I strongly encourage you all to come to the main meeting on Tuesday night at 7 PM to learn how to LEGALLY raise all of the private money you will ever need. 

If we get a strong turn out on Tuesday, there will be an all day seminar on raising private money on Saturday. Audience participation will decide what we are going to do. 

To be honest, I get a lot of calls and emails about money and how to get it. If you can’t get off your backside to come and learn how to raise all the money you will ever need, then don’t expect me to explain it for you later. 

I hope to see a packed house, so come early, doors open at 6pm 

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