Jean Yevic Lease

Jean Yevic Lease


This is the famed lease created by Pittsburgh REIA, Western Pennsylvania REIA, and ACRE Pittsburgh founder Jean Yevic



Received requirement
for leaving premises
Received schedule of
damage charges
Keys received






FOR THE SUM OF:  $                            /MONTH



If the rent is received by the fifth of the month, fifty dollars ($50) is discounted from the rent.


LATE RENTAL PAYMENTS: There is a $3.00/day charge for each day after the 10th of the month with the discount being waived for that month.  Returned checks are the same as non-payment, and all late charges will, at the Agent/Landlord’s discretion, apply to the date that such checks are made good.


is deposited with Agent/Landlord that is returned upon leaving premises and successful completion of all terms of this Agreement.  This amount returned within thirty (30) days with a written explanation of any charges.  There is no charge for normal wear and tear.


The Agent/Landlord may apply any unused portion to unpaid rent, damages or late fees or any other costs as they decide.

1. UTILITIES:  Tenant is responsible for the following utilities:
Gas           Electric          Water          Sewage          Garbage          Other

2. In the case of multiple persons in a unit, each person shall have the responsibility of this contract in the case of non-payment or if one of the persons leaves.

3. Premises are to be used only by those named           adults and children named
only.  Any other person occupying premises is a breach of this Agreement.  There is an additional seventy-five dollar ($75.00) per month charge for each additional person.  An extra person is defined as someone occupying premises more than eight (8) days/month.

4. Premises can only be used as a residence.

5. PARTIAL RENT: If the Agent/Landlord accepts partial payment of rent due, it does not under any circumstances mean that the Agent/Landlord accepts the partial rent as full payment.  It also does not affect any notice or legal proceedings.

6. No painting or changes in the premises may be made without written approval of Agent/Landlord.

7.   Anything attached must be left in place or the area repaired.

8. No signs may be erected on the premises.

9. No pets are allowed on the premises without written consent of Agent/Landlord.

10. Tenant must comply with all statutes, ordinances of all municipal, state and federal authorities.

11. Tenant is not permitted to allow another person to take over this Agreement or sublet.

12. Tenant agrees premises are in good order, except as indicated.

13. Tenant must permit Agent/Landlord to enter the premises at convenient times and with reasonable notice to make repairs or to show to prospective Tenants or purchasers, even if tenant is not home.  Also to maintain safety.  If attempts by mail or phone go without response fro more than 24 hours, Agent/Landlord may enter to show or repair.

14. Agent/Landlord or their representatives may enter lease premises at any time without the consent of Tenant in case of emergency.

15. Tenant to send any requests for repairs by certified or proof of mailing.  It can be preceded by phone call to expedite.

16. No failure of Agent/Landlord to enforce any item in the Agreement can be understood as not in force.

17. Garbage must be placed in plastic bags and placed in garbage cans.  It must be placed for collection according to the collection schedule. Under no circumstances can the garbage collect in the premises.

18. Two months’ notice in writing is required to leave premises during the term of this Agreement.  Tenant is responsible for rent during that time, costs to rerent the premises and nominal penalty.  Penalty is governed by the time of the year and other situations.  The cost of ads is included in charges.  Tenant is responsible for any utilities in the premises that are currently their responsibility during this period.

19. Agent/Landlord may give Tenant two months’ notice to vacate premises.

20. Premises is rented maid clean and must be left maid clean or cleaning expense is charged to Tenant.

21. Any expense for damage incurred by clogging drain or commode or any other damage due to negligence of Tenant is paid by Tenant.  This also includes any expense for damage done by any visitor of the Tenant/s.  No tampons or sanitary napkins are to be placed in commode.  No coffee grounds, grease, or smoking materials to be disposed of in drains or sinks or toilets.

22. Any costs incurred during the month is due at the time of the next months rent or the rent is
considered in default.

23.  Tenant is required to have all utilities that are his/her responsibility on at all times during the lease.

24.  Tenant shall pay to Agent/Landlord as additional rent upon demand in writing any sums Agent/Landlord has paid or services performed, Tenant is responsible for.

25.  No alternate heating sources may be used.  If found, they will be removed and is cause for eviction.

26.  Electrical and plumbing work done by the Tenant is strictly prohibited.

27.  Any electrical or plumbing work contracted by the Tenant must be done by a licensed electrician or a registered plumber.  Agent/Landlord must be notified if any work is contemplated.  This would include but not be limited to:  installation of an air conditioner, light fixtures, or light switches.

28.  Agent/Landlord reserves the right to surcharge the tenant any utility costs that escalate more than 25% during the term of this agreement due to events beyond our control.  The increase in costs will be shared over the 25%.

29. Successful completion of this Agreement includes return of all keys and removal of items by the Tenant from the premises.  Any items left are considered abandoned.  Agent/Landlord can remove them.  Any costs in the removal are the responsibility of the Tenant.

30. If all keys in the possession of Tenant are not returned within five (5) days of the termination of this Agreement, the cost of new locks and keys are the responsibility of the Tenant.

31. In the case of non-payment, Tenant agrees to waive the ten (10) day notice period for eviction.

32. Tenants are responsible for all legal costs associated with eviction, including attorney fees and court costs.  Any collection costs are also the responsibility of tenant.

33. No water beds are permitted without written permission.  If permitted, evidence of rental insurance is required naming Property Owner as also insured.  A policy for Owner is required.

34. RETURNED CHECKS:  There is a twenty dollar ($20.00) charge for any returned checks.  In the event a check is ever, for any reason, dishonored and returned unpaid, Tenant agrees to pay, as additional rent for that month, an additional twenty dollars ($20).  If, for any reason, a check is returned or dishonored more than once, all future rent payments are accepted by cashier’s check, money order or cash only.

35. Tenant to supply current telephone number to Agent/Landlord.

36. LOCKS:  Tenant is prohibited from adding locks, changing locks or in any way altering locks installed on the doors, without the written approval of Agent/Landlord.  Tenant must supply a key to Agent/Landlord.  If Tenant changes, or alters any lock, and does not supply Agent/Landlord with a key, Agent/Landlord may change the locks and charge Tenant for the new lock and for installation.

37. ABANDONMENT:  If the premises are left unoccupied for ten (10) days while rent is due and unpaid, Agent/Landlord is permitted to take immediate possession.  The Agent/Landlord may exclude Tenants.  The Agent/Landlord may place all Tenants property into storage, with a charge of fifteen ($15) dollars per day at Tenant’s expense.  Property left unclaimed for more than fifteen (15) days is presumed abandoned.  Tenants give Agent/Landlord specific authority to dispose of it in any manner they choose without any recourse on the part of the Tenant.

38. All screens, kitchen equipment, shades, curtain rods, drapery rods, carpeting, blinds, doors, fans, and any and all other equipment is to remain in the premises at all times.  Tenant agrees to replace or pay for any items missing or damaged.

39. It is the Tenant’s responsibility to supply Agent/Landlord with their forwarding address.

40. Any items of this Agreement, that are not followed will result in a termination of this Agreement.  The remaining payments of this contract become due and payable.

41. Agent/Landlord reserves the right to charge for excessive or unreasonable use of any utilities supplied by Agent/Landlord.

42. It is strongly recommended that Tenant carry liability and fire insurance.  Tenant agrees to list landlord as additional insured.  Tenant agrees to notify Agent/Landlord in writing of any defective condition on the property.  If tenant does not do so, they assume the responsibility for any injury that may occur to Tenant or any guests due to that condition

a) Keeping the leased premises fit and habitable.
b)   Complying with all State, County and/or Municipal Codes.

44. Tenant must keep premises in fit, clean and habitable condition.

45. VEHICLES:   Tenant agrees never to park or store a Motor Home, RV, or Trailer of any type
on the premises; and to park only on the paved areas provided.  Tenant agrees that any
vehicle parked on unpaved areas may be towed and stored at Tenant’s expense.  Repairing of
cars is not permitted on the premises.  All vehicles must be in good working order, licensed
and inspected.

46. Any visitors to leased premises must abide by all parts of this Agreement.

47. If Tenant requires access to apartment by Agent/Landlord due to their negligence, Tenant
must pay Agent/Landlord $              for ACCESS.

48. Tenant must notify Agent/Landlord if Tenant will be absent for any extended absence.
Extended absences are defined as more than one week.

49. Tenant is responsible for the following:
Grass Cutting           Snow Removal           Weeding

50. Tenant shall reimburse Agent/Landlord for any municipal service fee, special assessment,   inspection fee, license fee, rental permit fee or special tax levied upon the rental unit, which must be paid to permit its use as a residential rental.  Tenant shall be responsible for such fees and taxes whether they’re in effect at the start of this Agreement or if they become effective during the term of this Agreement.  The amount due shall be considered as additional rent, and must be paid when the next rent is due, or within ten (10) days if billed

51..  Additional Terms and Conditions:

__________________________________            __________________________________                                                                                                                                                         AGENT/LANDLORD                         DATE            TENANT                                         DATE

____________________________________            __________________________________                                                                                                                                                          AGENT/LANDLORD                         DATE            TENANT                                         DATE

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