Jon and Stephanie Iannotti Acts, REACT, CATS course

Jon and Stephanie Iannotti, REACT, CATS course

I just got off the phone and I am really excited!!!

I was on the phone with Jon Iannotti. For those of you who don’t know Jon, he is the creator several terms course. Yes, you heard me correctly, Jon helped create a creative finance course. At the time, Jon didn’t want to be the guy who traveled around the country selling courses.
Then after a few years of developing cutting edge techniques to buy and sell houses without using his own money or credit, Jon decided to quit mentoring for another well known guru and go out on his own.

From there Jon created the mother of all terms courses, and he called in REACT. React was the state of the art, for lease option techniques. REACT can be applied to pretty houses, and junkers. It opened up an entire new market for real estate investors.
I like Jon’s REACT program so much that I started using it in my own business. I also started teaching it in my mentor group. REACT is how one of my students got a house under contract for $3,000,000, and she stands to make a couple hundred thousand dollars from that single transaction. Do I have your attention yet?

Good, because if you aren’t excited at this point, then you don’t have a pulse, and I haven’t even gotten to the good part yet.

Here is the good part. Jon has once again, created an evolved version of REACT, it is called CATS (yeah, I hate the acronym, I am more of a dog person).
CATS, is exactly what it name says it is. A Complete Agreeable Terms System. What that means is that you can make money with anything your seller will agree to.

Seller will owner finance, Great
Seller wants all cash, Great

You make money either way.

Did I mention that I am excited?

It gets better.
Because Jon is a Pittsburgh guy, and a Pittsburgh REIA member, and a former ACRE member, and he makes a comfortable $1,000,000 plus per year with his business in Butler PA, because of all of these things, we have a shot to buy this course BEFORE it goes on sale, and we can buy it at a REIA discount.
The website to promote this course isn’t even built yet. So the website for his REACT course, will be filling order for the new CATS course. The course is state of the art, there is no better course in the market, that will teach you to buy and sell houses at massive profit, without any of your money or credit at risk.

Announcing Presale Opportunity
Complete Agreeable Terms System – CATS

So what does the REACT system consist of?
Here is a summary of what is contained in the REACT Program. This is subject to change because Jon and Stephanie are very proactive and are constantly adding things to the program to make it better.

110+ Page Instruction Manual
This lays everything out step by step in detail. This is your blueprint for success. This REACT manual contains instructions, examples and resources that you can use to start making money in Real Estate right from Day 1.

Master Agreements
This is one of the key ingredients to this whole process. Having the right contracts with the proper terms and conditions is critical to your success. Jon has taken his lifetime of experience and over 1,800 Real Estate transactions and created the best contracts anywhere. These are worth their weight in gold. Simply use these different contracts in various scenarios and be confident that you have all the bases covered.

MP3 Audio Recordings

Listen to Jon and Stephanie explain exactly how to maximize the profit potential of their REACT system.

Live Recording of a Full Day Event

This video is amazing. You will watch Jon and Stephanie spell out in detail exactly what you need to do, step by step, to start making money using REACT today. Every step, every question and every detail is covered in this All Day Training Video. You can watch it as many times as you feel necessary to completely understand this system. There is no question that after you master the contents of this training video, your Real Estate investing business will explode!

Resource Documents

There are several documents needed to put together these REACT deals properly. It is vital that you have all the right documents. The REACT program contains all of the Resource Documents that you will need to be successful!
Free Updates to Resources

This is HUGE! It is very common in this industry to charge people every year for new updates. Jon does not play that game. He gives all of his students FREE updates to all of his REACT materials! Anytime he needs to tweak something or add a new technique that is working, he will send out the updates at no additional cost to you. Trust me when I tell you that this is really big!

What you will learn in the REACT Program!

$ The five Steps to being a Successful Real Estate Investor.
$ How to make money with no credit, no money, and no contractors.
$ How to do as many deals per month as you want.
$ How to make minimum $5,000 per deal.
$ How to get the benefits of ownership without owning any houses.
$ How to put it all on ‘Cruise Control’.

The goal of any investor who wants to take their investing business into the stratosphere is to assemble a staff of people who perform all of the functions of the real estate investors. Once this structure is set up the investor can essentially retire.

Access to the System!

This is the magic that makes it all happen. As soon as you purchase the REACT Program, YOU gain access to Jon’s system that he and Stephanie combined have spent 30 years building. You will learn what tools they use, which resources they use, access to their virtual assistants, their marketing materials, their scripts and much much more. It is Jon and Stephanie’s personal system combined with the REACT concept that makes this program such a game changer.

You improve your chances of success greatly by using Jon and Stephanie Iannotti’s REACT method for Real Estate investing!

Buy CATS now for the presale price of $750

After this first link is deactivated, the price will jump up to $997

to your success

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