Learn how to buy with no money

Learn how to buy with no money on TERMS


Call it TERMS, ACTS, REACTS, CATS or any other acronym that any guru comes to town with. The concept is still the same.

I have been using no money down techniques for years, right here in Pittsburgh PA.  I don’t operate in the fantasy world of the guru.  I make my living buying and selling houses, not selling courses.

If you would like to learn how to do this, then come join my mentor group every Sunday at 6PM.    We don’t talk about theory, we talk about real deals happening now in the Pittsburgh area.

The cost is awesome.  I have personally charged $10,000 for this training.   Others charge $25,000 for less interactive coaching.

The way I do my mentor program, it is free if you don’t make any money.  How is that for a price.  Now I offer my time and my experience to you because I expect that you will be successful, and you will make a lot of money (assuming that you get off your ass and do what I tell you to do).  When you are successful, then you and I will be 50/50 partners in your deal, is that fair?  I want nothing from you up front, only your effort.  If you can give me that, I will teach you to make a better living than any silly job.

To your success


If you are still reading, then good for you, the address of the meeting is

Kings Restaurant – Imperial

500 Marketplace Drive

Oakdale, PA 15071

we meet every Sunday at 6PM


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