Lots of exciting stuff at this next monthly REIA meeting

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Lots of exciting stuff at this next monthly REIA meeting


This may be the most education packed Pittsburgh REIA meeting ever.  Usually we focus on one single way of making money in real estate.  On June 16th, we will set a record by bringing in 3 subject matter experts to teach us all about three ways to make money in real estate.

The biggest is Brad Sumrock, who will be in town from Dallas (although he is from Pittsburgh) to teach us about real estate syndications, and how he has made a big pile of money with them.  Basically a syndication is when a group of real estate investors pool their money to buy a big real estate asset that none of them could afford to buy on their own.

In true Pittsburgh REIA style, we are not looking at this as some silly academic exercise.   We are actively putting two syndications together as I write this.  A team of Pittsburgh REIA members from the Commercial Sub-Group are going after two local deals right now.   As a side note, these deals are open t any Pittsburgh REIA member.

The second speaker on deck is Twilla Miller and her note buying platform. Pittsburgh REIA members will have access to an online web portal where we can buy notes.  Note investing is another niche way of making money in real estate.  You can buy either performing notes or defaulted notes, but more on this from Twilla

Lastly, from the nice Folks at the American Association of Private Lenders, we now have a new way of securing private/hard money loans for rehabs and some buy and hold investments.

You really don’t want to miss this meeting.

As an added bonus, we will be discussing the class action law suit against PWSA and what you need to do to get in on this one.


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