Lou Brown Teaches on Asset Protection – April 21 & 22

Lou Brown Teaches on Asset Protection – April 21 & 22

Why take the risk?

Seriously. Why jeopardize EVERYTHING you’ve worked so hard to earn and not protect yourself and your family from frivolous lawsuits?

It’s not difficult. It’s not time-consuming. And I’m sorry, but you can’t even use cost as an excuse because it’s not even expensive. Heck, you can even do it yourself.

Unfortunately, most don’t do it and we’re walking around with a bulls-eye on our backs!

As real estate investors we’re leading targets among gold-digging attorneys and tenants who want something for nothing.

With millions of dollars in assets and NO protection it’s no wonder real estate investors are prime targets for lawsuits!

It’s no secret that we have hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of dollars in assets. And what many personal injury lawyers are beginning to find out is that we’re so worried about buying and selling properties, we never bother to protect ourselves.

Sound familiar?
It’s even become a game for some looking for an easy pay-day. They call it “Lawsuit Lottery.” Believe me, this is one game you don’t want to play.

Come Learn Directly from Lou Brown at the April WPREIA Meeting

 7:00PM on April 21st @ The Greater Pittsburgh Masonic Center

AND a Follow-up Breakout Session on April 22nd @ 9AM.

Both Days are FREE – Reserve Your Seat by emailing PittsburghREIA@aol.com

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