May Special Seminar Flippin the Burgh

May Special Seminar – Flippin the Burgh


Pittsburgh real estate seminar wtih Robyn Thompson flipping houses


This all brings me to Robyn Thompson.  Robyn is a great speaker.  Well maybe she is.  It’s pretty easy to speak when all you are doing is recalling the events of your own life.  In her case, all Robyn talks about is how she went from an ordinary life destined for decades of toiling to be middle class, to her life now. Robyn is very wealthy.  She makes more in a year that everyone in the room. She is not all that polished, and you would never guess that she was one of the best rehab and flippers in American if you met her on the street.  Robyn is called the Queen of Rehab because there is no woman on the planet who makes money like she does, and if there is a man out there can do what she does, I sure can’t name him.  There are a ton of frauds in the flipping game.  Most of them seem to have TV shows.  Robyn Thompson is no fraud. She is a Pennsylvania girl who went from waitress to big time real estate guru.  She is doing a free all day seminar for us in Pittsburgh on May 23.  If you want next year to be different than this year, you need to be there.  Email me to reserve your spot   Feel free to bring guests.  Feel free to bring your contractors and your family.  Please don’t reply to the newsletter, I will never get that email

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