Memorial Day weekend announcements

There will be no Sunday creative finance meeting this weekend.  Memorial day is too important. 

In the near future, we will test out an in person creative finance meeting at some local park.  It might even be the following Sunday if the weather cooperates. As much as I love doing zoom meetings, there is no substitute for in person meetings.  We get a lot more participation in person.

SUPER GOOD NEWS –  Most of our state has moved to yellow and it looks like we will all be green soon.  As far as I can tell green is still pretty restrictive. I am not sure when restaurants will open. When that does happen, I want to revive an old thing. At a time in the past I would randomly announce where and when I was having lunch around town, and invite REIA members to meet me for a social/ QnA session.  I think this might be a good idea moving forward.

I have a suggestion for everyone with a little time on their hands. I do this occasionally and I find it quite educational. Set aside an hour or so, and just walk the isles of your local Home Depot. Take time, and see what products they have.  This is where you can find ways to improve your properties and make them more profitable (rental or flip)   The store is so vast that you will 100% find some new idea.

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