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What Can Real Estate Investing Do For You?


Real Estate has created more millionaires than anything else in American history. These people weren’t all rocket scientists.  They simply learned how harness their practical education in the marketplace.

Real estate can give you financial freedom.  Imagine retiring when you are still young enough to enjoy it.

Real estate can build passive income and wealth that will last for generations.

Real estate can allow you to follow your dreams.

People say money can’t buy you happiness, and they are right, but it can buy you more opportunity to pursue your happiness than poverty ever will.  So, what you waiting for?

Do You NEED a Coach Or Mentor?

There are two ways that you can learn to make money with real estate.  The first is the school of hard knocks.  Learning everything by personal experience as you navigate through success and failure.  This method is long and painful.  The Second way is to find a good real estate mentor, who can teach you what to do and how to do it, without all of that messy painful part. Having someone to coach you through each step is also a much faster way to achieve your financial goals.

Who Can We Help?

  • New real estate investors looking to get a start in this business
  • Seasoned real estate investors looking to become full time professional investors (people without JOBS !!!)
  • Investors looking to expand their focus (rentals, commercial property, flipping, note investing, etc)

What Will You Learn?

How to find off market deals that nobody else knows about.

How to make money as a landlord, wholesaler, flipper.

How to make money with commercial real estate, multi-family houses, single family houses, storage units, hotels, raw land, vacation rentals, and any other class of real estate.

How to do deals in any part of the country.

How to sell a property for maximum profit.

How to make money as a passive investor.

How to fund your deals.

And much, much more.

How Much is it Worth to you?

What if I could teach you to make an extra $10,000 in your spare time?  What about $100,000, or even $1,000,000 or more?  Once you learn the secrets of making money in real estate, that knowledge is yours forever.  The only limit on your earnings is the number of times you use that knowledge.

What if I gave you direct access to a very successful real estate investor who could answer all of your questions?

What if you could get all of this for $30 per day, with no profit sharing or other up-charges?

Better yet, there is no massive up front payment or long term contract, you only pay for the months that you need a real estate mentor, cancel at any time.

There is a catch, well not exactly a catch, but an interview. You need to convince your coach that you really want a new life, and you are willing to work for it.

Meet Your Real Estate Coach

Josh Caldwell is a nationally known real estate expert.  He has been published in over 200 periodicals, spoken to investor groups across the country, and guest lectured at universities.  Josh is the President of the Pittsburgh Real Estate Investors Association.  He has mentored many aspiring real estate investors, and turned people with no experience into success stories.

“I am not some flashy, slick talking internet salesman. I am a real person.  I make my living running my own real estate business.  I am a landlord, a house flipper, and wholesaler by trade.  I am a retired police officer, and my lovely wife Stephanie is a retired IT professional.  Real estate allowed us to quit our jobs and never look back. Now we are full time parents of two wonderful children.  I got into mentoring real estate students because I wanted to give other people the freedom that we have found   I coach real estate investors because it is my passion.” 

“My favorite success stories are the underdogs.  I coached a woman who was homeless and living with her kids in a car, that woman now owns 5 houses.  I helped a man who had spent much of his life in prison, to buy a house on owner financed terms.  I helped a 70 year old barber buy his first house.”

What can I do for you?

How to Get Started

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