Money and Education for Pittsburgh Real Estate Investors

Money and Education from Pittsburgh Real Estate Investors

2 really important things for Pittsburgh Real Estate Investors

As you all know there are several key elements to real estate success. I would put effort at 50% of the equation but there are also other factors. If you want to make money, you need knowledge and that is what the Pittsburgh Real Estate Investors Association was built upon.

Every REIA member knows that we provide the best investor knowledge in the nation bar none. We also work to gather all of the tools that you will ever need to make your real estate investing profitable. So I have a few things for you on this Sunday afternoon as you prepare for the horrible events that tend to befall people with jobs on Monday mornings.

First off, if you missed the last REIA meeting on Tuesday July 21st, then shame on you, you missed some really great stuff. The highlight of that great stuff was Twilla Miller from Kansas City KS and her access to hard money, bridge funding, construction loans, and pretty much any other sort of money that you could use without going to a bank.

You can contact her directly at and tell her that you are a PittsburghREIA member or you can email me directly at and I will make the connection for you.

The highlight of Twilla’s presentation was that one of her lenders will go as high as $1 Billion Dollars; that is a really big project. I have never personally looked at anything above $20 million, and that was just an academic exercise for me. Next up, we are currently working with the Allison Park Home Depot to gather a list of the top product sales in each department, this should speed up your shopping at Home Depot and make your rehab projects easier to price out.

Speaking of rehabs, I will be with Robyn Thompson for a week in August. There is still time to go to this training with me. If you wish to go, then email me and I will get you the details. Robyn has made insane amounts of money rehabbing houses and she really will tell you how she does it. Lastly, I had a conversation with Lou Brown last week. Lou is a good friend and he does special deals for the Pittsburgh REIA club. We are the only group he has ever done an all-day trust presentation for. You can still get his trust course, the price is still $1495,but you have to go through Pittsburgh REIA to get it at that price.

The next special deal from Lou Brown is the completion of the Little Enchilada as Lou calls it. Below is the email that I got from Dennis in Lou Brown’s office We have a lot of courses in the Whole Enchilada…

Since many Pittsburgh REIA people have vol 4&5 (Trusts), I would suggest offering the Whole Enchilada Junior upgrade. WEJ is Vol 1-5, so they would get vol. 1 Buying, vol. 2 Selling and Holding, and vol. 3 Negotiations. WEJ sells for $3497 on our website and we can offer them a $600 discount making the total $2,897 (If they already have vol 4&5Trusts, we deduct the $1497 off of the $2897; therefore they can upgrade to WEJ, get Vol 1-3 for $1400. Here is a link to view the details of the Whole enchilada:

from Dennis Gentile

If you wish to upgrade to the Whole Enchilada JR set of courses and get Lou Browns courses on Buying, selling, and negotiating, then email Josh directly at

If you are not already a member or if you know someone who should be a member, then please forward them this link to the membership application, you might have to copy and paste it into your browser

The annual cost is a paultry $109. If you can’t save more than $109 per year with just the Home Depot discount program then you really aren’t trying. The idea is to make you money with your membership not cost you money. How is that for a deal?   I assure you that you wont find a better deal in all of real estate.

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