Mother and Daughter Find Support and Education

When my mom and I ventured into the deep dark unknown also referred to as Investment Real Estate we were hesitant and scared. We didn’t know enough to quit our day jobs and finding individuals who were on the same path as us proved to be even harder. That was until we found REIA.

This group of investors (Pittsburgh REIA)  and support professionals including lawyers, accountants, and vendors helped us realize our dream of becoming real investors without a majority of first-timer mistakes. We asked questions, took seminars, and even bought deals from other members. Everything we were missing in our real estate careers we managed to find at our REIA.

These aren’t waters that were meant to be navigated alone. There’s no one in real estate who was successful solely on their own. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a newbie, being a member of REIA isn’t a difficult choice. Plus it’s a tax write off. We encourage everyone who has ever given real estate investing a thought to become a member. The amount of knowledge and experience in this group, no others compare.

Happy Investing,
Casey & Colleen Martin
West End (Pittsburgh PA)

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