On Syndication – How small time investors run with the big dogs.

On Syndication –  How small time investors run with the big dogs.


Syndication is a technique where a group of smaller investors pool their resources and go after bigger property.   You usually see this sort of thing in commercial property or in areas where costs are insane.  The Pittsburgh REIA club is actually putting two of these deals together at the moment.  Together these deals will total about 3 million dollars.   If you would like to learn more about how an investor with as little as $25,000 can get into the big time, then email me directly.

On a very related note, our main speaker for the June meeting on the 16 is a syndication expert from Dallas (actually from Mars PA but he lives in Dallas TX now) Below is Brad’s bio


Brad Sumrok

Real Estate Mentor, Author, Speaker and National Award Winning Investor

Brad Sumrok specializes in helping people earn Double-Digit returns and Retire Early by Multi-Family (Apartment) Investing.  His proven, simple processes and trainings enable virtually anyone to achieve increased levels of income, freedom and financial security. Many who follow Brad’s teachings are able to retire from their jobs in 3-8 years and spend more time with their family and friends, travel more and have more time and freedom to pursue their passions.

With NO previous real estate investing experience, Brad began investing in Multi-Family properties in 2003 and in just over three years he “retired” from his corporate job at the age of 38.  Wanting to share that life-changing accomplishment with as many people as possible, Brad began teaching and mentoring others how to do what he was able to do.  Since 2006 Brad has transferred his experience to thousands of people just like you.  Here is what they are saying:

“Brad’s mentoring and training has enabled us to earn $50,000/yr in Passive Income after just 18 months.” – Kenny and Teresa W.

“14 months after meeting Brad and following his step-by-step process, I raised over $750,000 and purchased a 90-unit property that is projected to double our money in less than 2 years”- Aaron K.

“In less than a year, Brad helped me purchase 75 units that provides my family with over $7,000 per month of passive income. My financial future is secure”.  – Raj G.

Brad is also an active Multi-Family Property Owner. He has been a Principal in nearly 1,600 units in Texas and Colorado.  In 2012 he received the prestigious Paragon Award as “Independent Rental Owner of the Year” from the National Apartment Association.

Virtually everyone can benefit from Brad’s trainings and processes and NO previous experience is required. In his Live Weekend Apartment Training Event “Rat-Race To Retirement” held in Dallas, TX, Brad reveals his Proven Processes that has enabled him and many others to Retire. He walks you through the entire process, step-by-step, and makes it simple, easy and achievable for just about everyone. He transfers his 12+ years of multi-family investing experience to you, saving you a 12-year learning curve, and accelerating your path to early retirement.

Brad personally teaches all of his classes, training events and mentoring, so when you attend one of his programs and become one of Brad’s Students, you can be assured that he will be your personal Mentor.  Brad is excited to transfer his experience to you and he is dedicated to your success.




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