Pittsburgh Home Depot Discount Program

Pittsburgh Home Depot Discount Program

Let me just start off by thanking Scott Santoyo who made this entire program possible.  Scott is the Operations Manager at the Allison Park Home Depot (Rte. 8 Hampton).  His team at the Allison Park Home Depot has worked very hard to create a special and amazing discount program for Pittsburgh Real Estate Investors Association members.  If you own real estate, this program will save you money.  If you rehab houses, this program will make you money.  If you are a contractor, then you should be very excited.  As a group, the members of the Pittsburgh REIA get better discounts than anyone else.  This goes well beyond the pro-rewards program that is offered to contractors.   If you are not already signed up for the program then you need to follow this link http://pittsburghreia.com/downloads/HomeDepotDiscountProgramSignup_Printable.pdf and fill out the form, then email it back to me at PittsburghREIA@aol.com

This is a pilot program, and it will continue to expand as we grow as a group.  The more we buy the more discounts we get.

The mechanics of the program are simple, sign up first.  Then when you go to the Home Depot in Allison Park, you need to the clubs office phone number 412 761 7342 to get the special pricing which includes $1000 bid room, special pricing on carpet, paint, light bulbs, water heaters, and a lot more.  We will also get special notice on closeout and overstock items.   More info to follow as the Home Depot discount program expands across the Pittsburgh area.

As always, membership is open to anyone and priced very reasonable at $109 per year.  If you cant save $109 per year with the Home Depot Discount program then you really aren’t involved in real estate.  You could save more than that with general maintanience on a single house.  The average homeowner should save more than that in a single year.  To become a member, go to http://PittsburghREIA.com and click the membership tab, then follow the directions.

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