Pittsburgh is the #2 city in America for rehabbers

Pittsburgh is the #2 city in America for rehabbers


Interesting news on the flipping front.

First off one of our local TV stations did an expose on Armondo Montelongo, I have always said that guy is a complete fraud, and his arrest record, law suit against his brother, and this local newscast all seem to point that way.   There are some real scum bags in our industry and part of my job at REIA is to filter out these crooks.  Armondo has always sold crap at really high prices, he seems to exist by taking advantage of people with his slick marketing campaigns.  This is not the right way to go about making a living.  There are a lot of honest real estate educators out there who can and do make money as investors.

Secondly, I saw somewhere that Pittsburgh is the #2 city in America for flipping.  Good thing I already scheduled the best flipping trainer in America to come and visit us. Robyn Thompson will be in town early in 2015. Robyn is a dynamic teacher and a great person.  She is also a PA farm girl from Phillipsburg PA.   Her success is legit and somewhat legendary.  I have personally seen her private jet and chatted with her pilot.   Hint: if you have a pilot on your staff, you are doing pretty well.

“Brand New!  This cutting edge education is being released to the general public for the very first time so the average American family can build massive wealth right now.  Robyn Thompson’s Wealth Blue Print to a Millionaire Mind is a step-??by-??step system that will provide you with all the necessary tools to amass a fortune even in today’s challenging economic environment…”

“…Learn why thousands of Robyn’s students are building MASSIVE WEALTH even in worst economic climate we have seen in decades.  Learn how you could put $7000 in your checkbook in the next 30 days, so your checkbook will stop crying from lack of nourishment!”

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Let me introduce myself in case we have not met before.

I am Robyn Thompson, the nation’s leading expert in buying, renovating and quick turning run down, unwanted houses into huge profits.  I have bought and sold over 300 houses to date and I am still buying today.  I have been education and making millionaires all over the USA for over 12 years now.  I am a true Rags-to-Riches success story.  My real estate successes lead me to teaching several other profitable businesses.  I love helping other people take control of their finances and teaching them how to build massive wealth with a variety of wealth building vehicles.  I spend a great deal of time (over 160 days a year) conducting wealth building workshops  so thousands of people can learn the steps to financial independence.  For a limited time, you can learn what I know about building massive wealth for Just $2 Bucks! Click the link below to claim yours NOW, before its gone.


(November 2014 Newsletter)

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