Pittsburgh Property Buyer

I have a big $ cash buyer looking for real estate deals in the Pittsburgh Metro area.


Ok folks, I just met a buyer with deep pockets who is looking to buy some bargains. This guy has a lot of cash but he is also willing to do creative finance deals, take over mortgages, and assume debt.  So if you have anything that fits these criteria I have a buyer for it. Now here are the criteria. There are only two criteria. Price doesn’t matter high or low.

Location doesn’t matter as long as it is in Western PA. The criteria are something that is for sale for 75% of its market value or less. Basically a bit of a bargain. This is Pittsburgh there are a lot of houses out there that fit this first criteria. The house can even be listed on the MLS, so this is open to all of you agents as well. The second criterion is that the property must be able to rent for enough to cover a traditional mortgage. You can check the average rent for your property at rentometer.com and you can figure the mortgage payment for any given property price at Amortization-calc.com.

Lastly, I met this guy at Robyn Thompson’s Boot Camp, and THAT is the power of networking!!!! If you have a property for my buyer, email me directly at PittsburghREIA@aol.com

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