Pittsburgh REIA Rehabbers Sub Group

Pittsburgh REIA Rehabbers Sub Group


On the subject or how to make money, we launched the rehabbing sub-group this week, special thanks to Jim Culley.

I can hear some of you saying, I don’t do rehabs, why would I want to attend this sub group. Well you don’t need to be a rehabber to make money in rehabs. you can wholesale ugly properties to wholesalers, you can buy ugly houses well below market price and fix them for your buy and hold rentals.  Understanding the rehabbing process will make you a lot of money.

We had a great turn out with 18 (It was closer to 25, we only counted people who signed in and I didn’t sign in, so I know the number is wrong) on short notice. Everybody left with a better feel for what to expect. We’ll do a follow up meeting and expand further into the SOW (scope of work) process. See you tomorrow. Sent from my iPhone Jim Culley For those of you who missed this event, we toured several houses that were in the process of being rehabbed, asked a lot of questions, and learned a new way to make money with houses that most people won’t touch. We expect great things from this group.

Also I will be at Robyn Thompsons Rehabbing Boot Camp from August 5th to the 10th. Education is very important if you want to make money investing in real estate  I travel to attend about 4 trainings per year on various real estate topics.


Like my old coach used to say, if you aren’t getting better, you are getting worse.

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