Property Upgrades via DIY Construction

Property Upgrades via DIY Construction

As we all know days can get long as we wait for the quarantine to end. However, now is the perfect opportunity to upgrade your real estate property with a few different DIY construction projects. Below is a list of just a few to consider.

1. Backyard Jungle-Gym

With most outdoor areas either closed down or restricted to very small groups of people at a time, a jungle-gym for the kids to play on is the ideal backyard addition. Not only does this appeal to potential buyers with kids but it gives the property a bigger, more complete look. The only thing this upgrade requires is a couple YouTube tutorials on building and the materials. Quite a few home improvement stores are running great deals on shipping and delivery during the quarantine, which helps. There are tons out there but this Home Depot discount has one specific to shipping on large orders. This upgrade is one of my favorites; the kids have a new energy outlet and the value of the home increases. Win-win!

2. Man-Cave/Den

Another awesome DIY upgrade that adds tremendous value to a home is custom tv stands, chairs and wall frames in the den or man-cave. Repurposing old wood or metal and customizing it gives the area an original look and feel. I like this idea because most of the time the materials are already in your possession and it boils down to creativity rather than budget.

3. Flower or Vegetable Garden

For the backyard I prefer the jungle-gym but for the front yard that’s on display I prefer a garden. A custom, eye-catching garden of flowers in front of the house provides immense curb appeal. There’s a Lowe’s online code offering helpful discounts on outdoor décor as well. I like this upgrade not only because it looks pretty but because it can be done in phases. Types of flowers and rock can be added one at a time. Over time and as things grow, lots of real estate is taken up with little work and investment.

There you have it, 3 easy yet effective DIY upgrades for your home. All of them can be accomplished with a small budget and little construction skill. I recommend and urge you to take this time stuck at home to make these small upgrades that will turn into big bucks down the road!

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