Real Estate Apprentice Program

There are two ways to gather the skills that you need to make a living. You can either gain those skills by attending a school and getting a formal education. The alternate is that you can learn directly from someone who already has the skills that you require.

The formal education route is great if you wish to be an employee. The problem is that not everyone wants to be an employee. There are a few colleges that offer a real estate degree, some even offer a masters degree in real estate. I have yet to see one that comes close to offering what you need to build your own real estate investing business at any college or university. The academic setting is just not the right place for someone who wants to build a life outside of the rat race. The problem with an academic setting is that it is academic. It is not the real world. You can’t learn to be a self employed real estate investor from a book. If you could, there would be a single source of information and we would all read the greatest real estate investment book of all time.

In the real world, you need to learn from someone who already makes a living as a real estate investor. This apprentice style of learning is the way that the trades have educated the next generation for all of recorded time. When you have a subject as vast as real estate, you need a teacher who has immersed himself into the subject for a number of years. You need a teacher who has started from nothing and built his own empire to teach you how to build your own empire.

The big benefit of an apprentice style learning environment is the one on one feedback that you get. In the real world of the real estate investor, your deals are dynamic, they are as individual as the people who own the property. A massive commercial building is much different than a small buildable lot, a self storage facility is different than a duplex. A flip is different than a wholesale. An apprentice can learn each of these at their own pace from an experienced mentor. No book is broad enough to cover everything that you need to know.

It was from this last realization, that no book can or ever will exist to property teach budding real estate investors, that our apprenticeship program was born. We still call it a mentor program because that is what people are conditioned to seek out, but it is not a lecture series. This is direct one on one interaction, talking about live deals, and real situations with an expert in our field.

We built an apprentice program, and attached a series of lessons to answer common questions. This program connects you, the student, with a successful real estate investor who is willing to connect with you as often as you need.

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