Real estate investors don’t get sued

Don’t get sticky papered (sued)


Lou Brown who is simply the best person to talk about trusts (Both real and personal property), Lou and Pittsburgh REIA have teamed together to bring you the most important seminar we have ever hosted. Join us by emailing me to reserve your seat,


Let me explain; in life there are two stages.


1.  Where you build your assets

2.  Then you have to protect your assets


If you don’t understand this simple concept, just see what happened when Facebook was about to go public.  Facebook got sued ridiculously, all over the place to force Mark Zuckerberg to comply and ”payoff”millions of dollars of IPO shares to greedy lawyers!

Are you as smart as he is? Listen to what he is telling you.


If you are on our mailing list you fall into one of two categories.  A or B


A. You are still chasing the American dream of financial independence and freedom.

B. You have obtained the American dream of financial independence and freedom.


Well, how the heck are you ever going to obtain “freedom” if you are being subpoenaed all the time?



So as smart as Mark Zuckerberg and Donald Trump are they gets “sticky papered” all the time!

(that’s what I call silly lawsuits)


They have not learned how to protect their assets and make themselves “unattractive targets”. Like a skunk.


In fact, it is just the opposite… Mark and Donald are sticky paper magnets. Does this guy look like he is ever going to get sued?


No! Learn to be a skunk.


Now, is it not great that you can learn from the best?

Nope, Nope not Mark and Donald but from Lou Brown and I how to avoid this.


Will I be there?


YOU BET – (April 22, at the Pittsburgh Masonic Center, for this all day event)

Join us for this event by emailing Josh at




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