Residual Income Opportunity

I just wanted to share that we are exploding right now with everyone that does not have residual income, realizing that they NEED residual income. Here’s a message that you can share with the group.

If your Real Estate business and personal income is negatively impacted by COVID-19, I’m sure you never want that to happen again. Reach out to Noah Brandy to learn how to create a passive residual income from home that will benefit EVERY real estate professional, regardless of your area of focus. He will connect you to a 20-minute online presentation which will show you how to add this residual profit center along side your business and help the local food banks through their charity, Project Feeding Kids. Text “REIA” to Noah at 412-287-9006 to find out the upcoming online presentation schedule.

Project Feeding Kids
Contact: Noah Brandy


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