Shannon Staley and Sons Construction -OPEN

Shannon Staley and Sons Construction is a 52 employee (not subcontractors) construction service provider to residential, commercial, and industrial clients.

Because we choose to employ our labor, as opposed to subbing it out, our two primary deliverables are labor reliability and speed. Our labor goes where they are told to go, on time, and do what we tell them to do to serve the client. Our labor speeds up the completion dates of projects due to this reliability.

We deliver our construction service via two products:

On demand labor

Cost plus not to exceed contracts

On demand labor is what it sounds like; business clients order one of our employees for a short notice appointment. We match the clients scope of work to our roster to ensure the correct employee does the job. We use man day fixed pricing, and our clients get to know our employees by name where it becomes a staffing-like service.

Cost plus not to exceed contracts are longer term projects in which we work with the client to define a scope of work for the project, and then a cost not to exceed contract to execute on the work. The key is we aren’t allowed to exceed our not to exceed price with the built scope of work, so it protects the clients budget while executing on a scheduled completion date.

SSS is working through the current challenges and serving clients that are listed as “essential” businesses. Happy to listen to problems and provide solutions, and for any problem we can’t solve refer a source in our network that we believe can.

Steve Daniele
Owner, CEO

531 Georgetown Road
Lawrence, PA 15055
412-913-1986 (mobile)
724-302-0102 (office)

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