Surviving Lockdown

First…Set a schedule every day: and focus on this one word:

The word is EXERCISE:

Exercise your body: Get up and get moving. It helps your immune system and keeps the positive endorphins flowing in your brain to keep you from getting depressed: take a walk, get some fresh air, find an exercise video on you tube, clean out the garage, paint a room, clean out your closets, get started on weeding and cleaning your garden, drink a lot of water, get a good sleep. I can’t finish my rehab, but Barry and I are painting kitchen cabinet doors for a rehab we are working on.

Exercise your brain: Turn off the TV. You don’t need 24/7 news right now. You will go crazy. Check in 2-3 times a day for 15 minutes or so to keep up to date as to what is happening then turn it OFF. Go on-line and learn about something new or read a book, listen to a couple of uplifting pod casts. Get your brain engaged. There are virtual tours of museums and National Parks. Me and my grand daughter went through the National aAquarium in DC yesterday.

Exercise your relationships. Play games with your kids (and put your phone in the other room. You can’t be fully engaged with them and your phone or TV at the same time…and they know it. They know that those things are more important than them.) pull out a puzzle that’s collecting dust and do it together. There are apps like Zoom and Team where you can do a group video and see everyone so you can socialize with your friends or family members. The other night me and my sisters and niece’s and nephews did a Zoo Virtual Happy hour. We had a blast. It was a crack up. Set an hour a day to call and check on family and neighbors to see if they need anything. check with your church if you can volunteer.

Exercise your business: All those business cards you have, set aside 1-2 hours in the morning and start calling them. Add them to your database, see if you can be of assistance. Learn what they do so you can recommend them. Pick up a new skill to further your expertise. Do some spring cleaning of your business (strategic planning) to find out what is working and not working and make some positive changes. Clean your office!!! Set new goals. Things will be different. Look for new ways to do what you do. I can’t show properties right now, so I’m having sellers do video walk thru’s of their properties for my buyers. Think outside the box!

Exercise your spirit: Spend time in the word and in prayer asking God for protection and wisdom. The old testament says that if my people who are called by my name repent and turn to me, I will heal their people and their land. It should bring us peace that God knows what is going on right now and he is with us. “Do not Fear! I am with you always.” When you fully trust in him, you can be the one that brings calm when others cannot.

Cindy Rack
Realtor SRES, PSA, RE Investor at Keller Williams

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