That Hole in My Shoe Makes Me Money

That Hole in My Shoe Makes Me Money

By Josh Caldwell
As a real estate mentor, one of my biggest challenges is to get my students to take action. We all know Newton’s third law of motion, “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. In real estate we focus on the action of making an offer to buy a house and the equal and opposite reaction by the seller of agreeing to sell a house. It would seem logical that every new real estate student would immediately start searching for ways to make as many offers as possible. Let me tell you, humans are not logical. I am no different. I needed a pain point to get me going.

When I started my career as a real estate investor I had a lot of reasons to take action. I hated my job. I am now a retired Federal Air Marshal. That job is dangerous, exhausting, and infinitely annoying. Everyone treats you like crap because nobody knows who you are or why you are there. To make matters worse, my old boss was one of the most useless wastes of a paycheck that I have ever met. Strangely none of that mattered to me. It was my job and I was going to do it.

I needed something more immediate to force me to take action. So when I wore a hole through the bottom of my favorite pair of shoes, I took a vow. I vowed that I would not buy a new pair of shoes until I had done a deal and made some money as a real estate investor. I live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania the second rainiest city in America. I stepped in a lot of puddles and destroyed a lot of socks before that first deal. I can tell you that the constant annoyance of cold wet feet is a great motivator. After a while you will really get angry.

Now I have a challenge for you. Find your annoyance and make it part of your day. Motivation is a personal thing so I can’t tell you what to use. I want you to find something that will remind you that you need to take action multiple times per day. It might be something as simple as taping your credit card bill to your refrigerator door. You might want to find a picture of an old guidance counselor who told you that you wouldn’t amount to anything. I don’t care what it is that you choose, but find something to irritate you. I assure you that anger is a great motivator. So get angry and use that anger to succeed. You have my permission to use a shoe with a hole in it.

(January 2014 Newsletter)

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